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Prepare to relax

There are so many things competing for our attention that taking the time to stop, dedicating an hour or more to yourself may be the last thing on your mind.

Give yourself permission to rest, receive, connect, release and heal in a group sound healing meditation where you can harness the power of tuning in to the wisdom of you, your higher self, and your listening presence to improve your overall wellbeing.

Experienced sound and energy intuitive, Charlie Christie, will guide you through a 1-hour healing meditation to help reach a deep relaxed state as the harmonics, frequencies, and vibrations of the Tibetan bowls will take you to your own place of healing and reintegration.

No matter where you are in your personal practice as a beginner or more experienced or if you are simply looking for peace of mind, mental clarity, relaxation, or searching to deepen your level of spiritual awakening, these classes are for everyone where you will allow yourself to let go, relax, integrate and heal.

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